vendredi 26 décembre 2014

New Sybarite : Mansion Gen X - Rebel Princess - LE 100

Today was available this beautiful new Sybarite Gen X


After years in development we are delighted to present
our ALL NEW Vinyl formula. version T-5 sample.

Clone: 1000 Venus d'Royce
*please note different monitors may show colours differently.
*production may vary individually and from prototype shown.

Icy blue duo coloured eyes, arched for attitude brows in charcoal and black with shadow of coal and muted blacks. Lids in matte opaque grey. Lips the colour of poisoned apple.

Black wig bearing side parting, in a 'voluptuous' state; drizzling over one eye and swirling into waist length big loose curls.

Tonite was the big night…. The May Ball, and Venus had no intention of socialising with the hoipoloi, so she decided on her tiny 'shrunken' zip up cardigan over a twist front daisy print top. The shortest skirt in her vast closet, a black and white op geo weave and black panties! To beat off the chill, she wore 2 part hose (which are indeed a one piece), bearing garter belts in black. Adding that post punk vibe, she opted for her 'gold' multi stud belt as an accent.

Jumping from her palace window and sliding down silk sheets to her awaiting carriage, she held on tightly to her white 'kill the mouse' heels and her 'monster' carryall.
Society was having their grand affaire tonight, but this Princess is out on the town with her gurls!

Additional accessories: loads of black bracelets, her monogram V bling necklace her glittering taxidermy cat ear headband and of course her larger than life personality.
of course she comes with the following standards:
-manic_cure hands (see booklet for hand change instructions)

In stock and ready to be delivered